Creating a Simple pfSense Bridge

Bridges are bad, mkay? A good rule of thumb is switch when you can, bridge only if you must. You will generally find little support for bridging multiple wired interfaces to create a "switch." The pfSense® software is not a switch. Buy a switch. Switches have custom hardware and ASICs to forward frames between ports. On pfSense this is all done in software.

Creating a Policy Route to Send All Traffic from Host Through OpenVPN

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Now that the OpenVPN tunnel is up and the assigned interface is created, it is time to route traffic from the subject local host over the VPN.

This is the network being demonstrated in this example:

pfSense XenServer Lab Diagram OpenVPN Client

Creating an OpenVPN Assigned Interface

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Now that the OpenVPN client instance is up and running, a pfSense assigned interface must be created. This is necessary to have an interface upon which to perform operations such as Network Address Translation and to have a gateway at which to policy route traffic.

Navigate to Interfaces > (assign)

Creating a pfSense Connection to VPNBook

This article is part of a series.

VPNBook is a free VPN provider. It is a little bit of a hassle to use because they are constantly changing the hosts and passwords. It is used here for demonstration purposes because it generally works and is free.