Creating an OpenVPN Assigned Interface

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Now that the OpenVPN client instance is up and running, a pfSense assigned interface must be created. This is necessary to have an interface upon which to perform operations such as Network Address Translation and to have a gateway at which to policy route traffic.

Navigate to Interfaces > (assign)

OpenVPN Interfaces Assign Screenshot

Be sure the OpenVPN instance that was just created is selected in Available network ports and create a new interface by pressing pfSense icon plus

A new interface will be presented assigned to network port ovpnc2. In this example it is OPT2.

OpenVPN Interface assigned screenshot

Click on the interface name. OPT2 in this example.

Check Enable Interface

Description: VPNBOOKEURO2

Nothing else needs to be entered. IPv4 and IPv6 Configuration Type must remain none.

Click Save and Apply Changes

This change is disruptive to the OpenVPN client process so the client instance must be restarted. Navigate to Status > OpenVPN and on the record for VPNBook Euro2 UDP click restart pfSense icon service restart

Navigate to System > Routing, Gateways Tab and verify a gateway to VPNBOOKEURO2_VPNV4 exists. This will be the gateway to which VPN traffic is policy routed.